Partners sharing their work at our Annual Conference Partners sharing their work at our Annual Conference

Whole Education Strategic Partner Organisations

Whole Education recognise that it can be hard for teachers and Headteachers to learn about interesting, engaging and innovative projects available to them and their students. And we think it can be equally difficult for our partner organisations to inform teachers and headteachers about what it is they offer.

We try to offer a solution to these problems. Whole Education acts as a conduit through which partner organisations that have signed up to our statement of common beliefs can share and scale their solutions and approaches to tackling key challenges in the sector. And through the Whole Education Network, schools can more easily discover what is available to enrich the learning experiences of their young people.

We have a number of Strategic Partners:


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Cambridge Assessment

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Century Tech

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Education Placement Group

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GL Assessment

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IRIS Connect

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Relational Schools Foundation

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The Edge Foundation

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The Young Academy

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