What we do

What is it that Whole Education does?


A key area of our work is to support schools to provide a 'whole education' through the Whole Education Network.
The Whole Education Network is seeking to build the capacity of member schools at whatever stage of their journey to provide young people with a 'whole education'. If you would like to become involved in sharing practice, learning from each other and developing future best practice get in touch.
We're keen for schools to learn from each other, and we have a number of opportunities to do just that. We host various events across the country to support networking, knowledge-sharing and CPD for school leaders and teachers.
We also describe ourselves as a partnership. And we feel we're unique in that we partner with a number of organisations and projects that chime with our mission. We almost act as a conduit through which these organisations can publicise what they have to offer schools. And through the Whole Education Network, schools, colleges and youth organisations can more easily discover what is available to enrich the learning experiences of their young people.
In addition to actively working with schools we work in other ways to pursue our mission of ensuring all young people have access to a 'whole education'. For example:
  • we seek to develop an awareness and understanding of the need for Whole Education and to promote its values

  • we work to engage a wider group of stakeholders including parents, young people, employers and higher education

  • we strive to enable necessary changes in education policy to support those who would like to provide young people with a whole education


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