Peer Review

Affirming practice within schools – Building a knowledge base for the Network
“A very useful and informative process that was both supportive and challenged us to reflect on areas for further development.” Secondary Headteacher
What is it?
The Whole Education Network supports schools across the country to provide an engaging education that develops the skills, qualities and knowledge that young people need to help them to thrive in life and work. The Peer Review process is designed to support, challenge and celebrate the progress schools are making in providing a whole education and provide your school with clear next steps on your journey.
The process will give status to the provision of a fully rounded education, strengthen a culture that builds confidence and develop a shared language which embeds ‘whole education’ values. The Peer Review framework also seeks to report upon the extent to which an entitlement of a ‘whole education’ is translated into the daily experiences of young people with demonstrable impact in both conventional and other measures. By focusing on the process and not just the outcome, we aim to approach professional accountability in an intelligent, context-dependent and supportive manner.

What is the value for schools? 
+ Provides professional support and rigorous challenge
+ Gives clear next steps and recommendations for your school improvement journey
+ Affirms, celebrates and validate your ‘whole education’ practice
+ Provides a document that you ‘own’, and can share with students, parents and governors with pride
+ Builds confidence to innovate

The Assessment Framework
The peer review assessment framework has four stages, indicating the stage a school is at on their journey to providing a whole education, and the extent and consistency of the impact of this provision on students. The framework gives structure to a professional judgement which is formative, looks to the future and builds from the positive. The four
stages are: 
Aspiring | committed and introducing
Emerging | introducing and beginning to impact
Impacting & Sustaining | impacting & inspiring
Transforming & Inspiring | radical & innovative
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