Leadership, Culture and Change Series

The Whole Education Network is launching a new and discriminating offer for
leaders of Member Schools and MATs with 5 major benefits:

1. Expert workshops with leading system thinkers
Three sessions per year with inputs from national and international
system leaders including, Professor Tim Brighouse and Professor
Andy Hargreaves.

2. Leadership visits to WE Member Schools and MATs

Focused leadership visits to Whole Education network schools
around the country to explore not only what they are doing but their vision to
provision journey and how they are achieving success. Also learn how peer
cohort colleagues are applying similar approaches and ideas.

3. Respond to current challenges and explore “big ideas”
Having a vison and sharing values is one thing; finding ways of
implementing and sustaining that vision is harder. This series will
provide an unrivalled opportunity for like-minded colleagues to explore
“big ideas” and learn how others have delivered their vision while responding
to more immediate challenges and opportunities.

4. Reflect, share and learn with peers to refine your thinking

This series will sustain and support the evolution of your vision, while enabling
you to grow your informal peer networks with colleagues who share your
values. Peers will be supported to collaborate within and beyond the series.

5. Invest in your own professional development

Invest in your professional development through this stimulating and inspiring
series. Build your professional, intellectual and social capital together as part of
this programme and link to your own performance management and
professional development priorities.


LCC Series Summary Booklet

Session 1 Summary

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