Projects & Programmes 2017/18

Whole Education tries to help connect the dots to boost the ability and confidence of schools, teachers and leaders to offer a ‘whole education’. We do this by shining a light on great practice; faciliating shared-learning and collaboration; supporting effective professional development; and running a range of national and local events.

Where there are gaps, we supplement them by bringing in national and international experts to expose you to world-class thinking; developing and trialling radical and innovative approaches to solve long-standing problems; working with outside partners with a fresh perspective; and above all by bringing our- your- collective wisdom to bear.

Leading and Managing Curriculum Change 100% of participants say the LMCC is making them more confident and effective as a leader
Leading and Managing Curriculum Change is a leadership series to supporting professional development for school leaders. At a time of major changes to curriculum and assessment, this programme provides a unique opportunity to develop thinking and explore emerging best practice. It is designed to support senior leaders, deputy heads and assistant heads with the responsibility for overall curriculum design and timetabling, curriculum development in Key Stage 3, 4 or 5, assessment, teaching and learning, managing curriculum areas and curriculum teams.

Cost - One free place for each partner and pathfinder secondary school | Additional partner and pathfinder school places - £600 + VAT | Network schools - £900 + VAT | Non-member schools - £1200+ VAT |

Values-led Leadership As part of Whole Education’s mission and purpose to support schools to provide an engaging education that develops the skills, qualities and knowledge of all young people, we have created a leadership series which supports the professional development of middle leaders and new senior leaders. The values-led leadership series supports participants to develop confidence and strategies to lead in a way that balances immediate needs and wider aspirations. Throughout the series participants will collaborate with peers, receive mentor support and undertake in depth improvement work at a classroom, team or whole school level that is evidence-informed and impact-focused.

Cost - Partner and pathfinder school places - £600 + VAT | Network schools - £900 + VAT | Non-member schools - £1200+ VAT |

Peer Review The Peer Review process is designed to support, challenge and celebrate the progress Whole Education schools and MATs are making in providing a ‘Whole Education’ and provide your school with clear next steps on your journey. The Peer Review framework seeks to report upon the extent to which an entitlement of a ‘Whole Education’ is translated into the daily experiences of young people with demonstrable impact in both conventional and other measures. By focusing on the process and not just the outcome, we aim to approach professional accountability in an intelligent, context-dependent and supportive manner. The framework gives structure to a professional judgement which is formative, looks to the future and builds from the positive.

Cost - £600 + VAT exclusively for Whole Education schools |

Narrowing the Gap with Spirals of Enquiry Spirals of Enquiry is an international programme developed in Canada (British Columbia) which has been tried and tested in 70% of BC primary schools over the past 15 years. The approach is now used in Australia, New Zealand and England. At its heart is an action research framework based on collaborative teacher enquiry which has been shown to lead to sustained improvements in pupil outcomes when used over time, particularly in groups who have historically underachieved. The approach is distinctive as there is a strong focus on gaining a deep understanding of children’s’ barriers to learning so that interventions are focussed where they are needed most. The approach has been adapted for the UK context by Whole Education with the involvement of the initiators and developers of Spirals of Enquiry Drs. Linda Kaser and Judy Halbert.

Cost - £900 + VAT for Whole Education schools | 1 year commitment consisting of 3 face to face training days and an additional 2 coaching calls or webinars |

Strategic HR in MATs Schools currently face unprecedented staffing and budgetary pressures, yet they often lack the capacity and confidence to develop long term strategic HR policies that will sustainably ease their recruitment and retention burden. Our 'Strategic HR in MATs' programme brings the expertise of HR leaders from outside the education sector to support MATs respond effectively to these challenges. Your MAT will be matched with a leading HR expert who will work with you on an HR area of your choosing to achieve short term impact. You will then be supported to develop the coherent, cost-effective and strategic HR practices needed to recruit, develop and retain the best staff and make your MAT an excellent place to work for the long term.

Cost - £995 - £1695 for Whole Education Schools |

Click, Connect, Learn (MFL) Click, Connect, Learn (MFL) is a Nesta-funded project aiming to enhance language learning through the use of online mentoring. Drawing on the Language Futures model, it aims to improve engagement and attainment in language learning by allowing students to choose a language relevant to them and working with the support of a fluent or native mentor. The model is flexible and may be run as part of the curriculum, as a club, a drop-down day, or with targeted groups of students. As well as receiving ongoing support from Whole Education and Association for Language Learning, your school will gain access to resources, training and language mentors.

Cost - free for Whole Education schools | 1 year commitment from at least 1 member of staff |

Expeditionary Year (with British Exploring) Subsidised offer from our partners British Exploring

Expeditionary Year 2018 is the second dedicated youth development expedition delivered as part of British Exploring and Whole Education’s partnership. For the past 7 years, the British Exploring society has worked with youth organisations to provide opportunities for personal development through challenging expeditions for young people from across the UK. The programme incorporates a training event in the UK followed by a challenging and remote overseas expedition to discover the extraordinary striking landscape of the Icelandic interior. On return to the UK, participants are encouraged to reflect on the skills they have developed during the programme so far and to think about how they might use these skills to pursue their future ambitions. The focus is on having genuinely life changing experiences for those students who can benefit from it the most, and on them bringing back a benefit to the wider school community through additional social action commitments and sharing learning.

Cost - free access for Whole Education schools. Participants need to fundraise £1000pp towards the cost of the expedition | Initial 1 year commitment with a view to longer relationship |

Film Club: Developing dialogue and formative feedback using Film Club 95% of pilot participants changed their practice after using the platform
Film Club is a national project developed by IRIS Connect and Whole Education following a successful EEF research pilot. Film club explores the use of video technology to develop dialogue and feedback amongst teachers in order to achieve a higher order of professional learning and improve academic outcomes for young people. Film Club is an online platform where teachers watch and discuss the teaching and learning behaviours from pre-recorded clips, working their way through 4 modules. From the pilot project, over 95% of participants (80 out of 84) asserted that they had changed their practice as a consequence of using the platform.

Cost - free for Whole Education schools | 1 year commitment from at least 3 members of staff, completing 1 module each half term | Further information: EEF Report findings | Film Club website |

Film Club for Student Observers In partnership with IRIS Connect, Whole Education is building on the Film Club model to use video technology in student observations. Aiming to better engage students in discussions around pedagogy, the project combines observations with modules which students complete on the online platform. Ending with a celebration event at the end of the academic year, students will have worked through a variety of topics, such as effective questioning and giving and receiving feedback.

Cost - free for Whole Education schools | 1 year commitment from at least 1 member of staff |

Flipped Learning Action Research Group Harnessing the power of the Whole Education Network, this project will support staff in Whole Education schools to integrate flipped learning pedagogy into lessons and scale it through their school or Trust. Experienced teachers and school leaders from within the Whole Education Network will work with you to develop flipped learning across your school in your own context.

Cost - free for Whole Education schools | 1 year commitment from a SLT sponsor and a team of 2-5 staff. At least 1 staff member attends the launch event, 3 after-school support calls and participation in 2 webinars | Further Information |

Flipped Arts The Flipped Arts project integrates flipped learning pedagogy into arts-subject lessons at KS3. The aim is to explore how high-quality arts education can reach more students, by providing inclusive, engaging arts lessons and experiences for all students, supporting students in geographical areas of low engagement, and tightening links between schools and cultural providers. Up to January 2018, the project is supporting staff in 5 Whole Education schools. From Spring/Summer terms 2018 onwards, there will be opportunities for the project to scale within the following regions and potentially others too - West Midlands, East Midlands, North West, East of England, London/South East.

Cost - free for Whole Education schools | 1 year commitment from a SLT sponsor, project lead and team | Further Information: Flipped Learning |

Learn to Lead to develop youth social action

Shift your school’s culture towards one in which students feel greater ownership and involvement in their school community. This project, using the Learn to Lead methodology involves everyone, not just the brightest and most vocal, in identifying changes needed in the school and the wider community and enables student-led project teams to bring them about. The outcomes are transformational, individuals growing in confidence, self-esteem and ownership, and the whole culture of the school changing to one where everyone is ‘doing’ rather than feeling 'done to’.

Cost - £950 + VAT for Whole Education Schools who have a group of 3 or more schools in the region | Commitment for an initial team of 5 students and 2 members of staff receive training on the Learn to Lead toolkit and will lead the programme in their year group and school. Additional training days and support calls | Further information: Learn to Lead website |

Mental Health Champions: Teachers

Subsidised offer from our partners: Place 2 Be

The Talented Teacher Programme by Place2Be is an evidence-based programme designed to improve the knowledge, skills and confidence of new teachers. It provides them with the skills to support children’s emotional development, improve classroom management, management of personal stress and the overall effectiveness of their teaching. “Teachers who took part in the programme made significantly more progress than the comparison group across every measure” – NatCen Social Research.

Cost - Whole Education schools receive 80% subsidy for Year 1, 50% subsidy for Year 2 and 20% subsidy for Year 3 | commitment to 4 workshops and up to 3 personalised consultation sessions, held over 2 terms | Further information: Place2Be website |

Student Agency in Learning (SAIL)

In their recent report on PISA tests, the OECD argued that the difficulty in closing the achievement gap is that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are rarely given the opportunity to develop autonomous learning and extend their achievements. Taking inspiration from the successful Kunskapsskolan (KED) approach developed in Sweden, Whole Education schools have come together to create an effective and sustainable partnership of schools in England working and learning together to support all students to become strong self-directed learners. Student Agency in Learning (SAIL) is a curriculum and pedagogy approach that addresses the need to empower learners to achieve more than they thought possible. Through this approach, students will obtain better results by traditional measures (e.g. GCSEs) but also the wider set of attributes necessary to thrive in further and higher education, at work and in the 21st century.

Cost - £3950 for Whole Education Schools |

Student Behavioural Styles Questionnaire (SBSQ)

Assessing and feeding back on student behaviours through a psychometric assessment

Personality and behavioural styles can have an impact on how our students learn and their academic success. The SBSQ (Student Behavioural Styles Questionnaire) has the potential for facilitating better understanding of students as individuals and tailoring opportunities to their needs, preparing them for life, learning and work. The SBSQ assesses and provides a feedback framework based on five behavioural styles, which were found to positively contribute to learning engagement and effective participation at educational institutions: thinking styles; study styles; coping styles; interpersonal styles and social styles. Through this project, schools choose a target cohort of students and run the SBSQ online questionnaire and interventions, such as individual coaching during the course of the year.

Cost - free trial for Whole Education schools | commitment for 1 day training, follow-up webinars and a review session, in addition to in school questionnaire and interventions with students |

Transferring to a 1-9 Curriculum (Science and non-core)

Following on from the success of the English and maths 1-9 research project, in which we gathered and analysed reactions to the first 1-9 GCSEs, we are coordinating two networking groups. One is for leaders in science and the other for leaders of all other subject areas, to support them with the 1-9 transition. These groups, facilitated by Whole Education and OCR, will help and support middle leaders with the changing assessment framework by learning from each other, from subject experts and from the reflections of heads of English and maths in the first phase of this project. As well as supporting schools in planning and implementing the new specification. The project will produce a protocol for future curriculum reflection and will influence exam board thinking.

Cost - free for Whole Education schools | 1 year commitment |

Transition: Lift Off

Transition Through Lift Off is the result of an 18-month research project and pilot scheme run by ASDAN in association with The Progression Trust. It is an activity-based programme that develops soft skills and builds self-esteem to help learners make a smoother transition from primary to secondary school.

Cost - 50% discount for Whole Education schools | Lift Off takes place from the second half of Summer term in Year 6 to the first half of Autumn term in Year 7 | Further information: Asdan website l

Whole School Numeracy

Following feedback from two successful years of the Whole School Numeracy project we are offering an ‘entry level’ package to support schools to develop numeracy teaching across the curriculum. This package includes a launch event, a school visit from a numeracy expert, check-in calls, resources and the opportunity to be part of an online community of Whole Education teachers which are taking part in the project. On top of this, you may choose to opt in to extra support which has been found by our schools to be extremely valuable, such as half day support visits to develop a bespoke action plan, department numeracy reviews and whole staff briefings.

Cost - basic package – £970 + VAT | Numeracy launch delivered by Serge Tasic – £550 + VAT | Half day support visit – £550 + VAT | Maths department review – £1550+ VAT |