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National Numeracy is the Only national charity with sole focus on improving levels of numeracy at all levels and age groups.

The Education team, led by Lynn Churchman recently authored “Leading and Managing Numeracy Across the Curriculum”. The key resource shaping and guiding the work of National Numeracy as an organisation is “Essentials of Numeracy”. This document is the framework informing the work they do with schools across the country and on projects with partners such as this one. NN will use the programme to scale up their approach and as a springboard for a national policy document advocating for 'numeracy across learning' (NAL).
National Numeracy and Whole Education | Whole School Numeracy Project
Working in partnership with National Numeracy we have designed a two-year project that gives schools support to address numeracy across learning through a meaningful and sustainable approach. Six schools will receive direct support from an expert at National Numeracy and ten schools will shadow this process with a view to perhaps receiving support in year two of the programme. Support will include: visits to the school; regional learning visits; workshops at national conferences; and virtual support or support phone calls between visits. National Numeracy will also develop resources to support your project lead through implementation of the project.
+ Whole Education will support networking between participating schools and other schools from around the country in a similar context ot facing similar obstacles to establishing numeracy across learning
+ This project will remain joined up to other activity happening in the ‘Innovations in Maths and Numeracy’ interest group. Additional events can be organised to support participating schools but also bringing in expertise of schools not part of this project/partner organizations who might offer assistance with aspects of your numeracy action plan.
+ The findings of this project will be shared with the network at national events, which places your school at the centre of a continuing dialogue and growing pool of knowledge/ expertise, which will support you to continue developing numeracy beyond the two years this project lasts.

Many schools in the Whole Education network report that they are making significantly more progress in literacy across learning than they are in promoting numeracy across learning. Echoing National Numeracy’s national research, they also report negative attitudes to numeracy amongst staff and students alike/. Many find that NAL tends to slip down the list of priorities and that previous approaches have suffered from having only short-term goals.
This project is subsidised by the Rayne Foundation but requires match-funding from participating schools. Please contact to find out the cost of involvement.

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