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Evolve is a social impact company whose mission is to help develop healthier, happier and more fulfilled school children through hands-on mentoring, physical engagement and active learning.
As headteachers and policy makers start to understand the direct relationship between health and educational success, schools are demanding grassroots solutions to drive achievement.
We work closely with schools, teachers and headteachers to enhance children’s academic achievement by bringing together mentoring, physical activity and classroom support. What drives us is the belief that putting wellbeing first will transform a generation. Through our qualified Health
Mentors and our range of innovative programmes, we nurture relationships with pupils and help them succeed.
We believe that pupils who are active, happy, healthy, confident and engaged are in the right frame of mind to learn.
Since 2003, Evolve has been at the forefront of this growing movement and it's our view that this type of support is needed in our schools now more than ever.
To find out more about Evolve and our movement, go to:


Evolve is looking for schools across the Whole Education Network who can help them further develop the work they are doing that focuses on the needs of the child. Read more about how you can get involved by downloading the document from the right hand tab.

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