What is Lyfta?

Lyfta is an award-winning digital platform where pupils can explore immersive, human-focused stories from around the world on computers and tablet. Lyfta's school package includes 25 immersive stories, over 90 lesson plans, and 25 assembly plans- covering 11 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Why should you be apart of it?

Whole Education believes that Lyfta can help schools offer immersive cross curricula experiences to develop empathy and global understanding in their learners. Their stories are beautifully crafted interactive worlds that children can explore on computers and tablets. Lyfta has created lesson plans that over 80 percent of students want to continually explore and learn from.

It opens the door to experiences that cannot be taught from a textbook. Lyfta's storyworlds are interactive 360-degree environments that children can explore. They are real places featuring real people whom children can get to know and understand through powerful short documentary films, virtual reality experiences, rich media articles and infographics.


KS2 and KS3 state schools in England can get Lyfta for free for a year with GLP e-credits, via the government-funded Global Learning Programme (GLP).

12 months of Lyfta for free in 3 steps:

1. Register for the Global Learning Programme, here.

Please confirm your account by clicking the link in the email you receive from the GLP. If your school is already registered, please email us at

2. Log into your GLP account and fill out the WSA Questionnaire, which is available here once logged in.

*This step is REALLY IMPORTANT, as your school will only receive e-credits when this form has been completed.*

 3. To take Lyfta’s offer, please select a webinar that suits your schedule from here.

Any member of staff from the school can take the short webinar online.

If you would like any help or support, or if you have any questions, please email or call Anton Brooks on 07551 245425.



After the free period 12 month period, there are no-strings-attached. No payment is required and there is no contract, so there will not be an automatic subscription or renewal at the end. We hope and believe that most schools will renew their subscriptions voluntarily.

Over the course of the free year, all headteachers from schools that use Lyfta will be consulted to advise us on how much they feel the subscription should cost, so that we can set a price that is reasonable for state-funded UK schools.

Visit Lyfta’s website for more information:





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