Hinchley Wood Secondary School

When Hinchley Wood Secondary decided that they were going to implement a curriculum which focused on skills rather than subject content, many of the subject teachers were worried about the possible adverse effects on results in both Year 9 and even G.C.S.E.

As the Head of Science, Sue Eacott, demonstates in this film, teachers from different disciplines were able to work together to devise units of work would concentrate on Opening Minds competencies, and use these as a vehicle for delivering subject specific content.

Asked about the main motivations behind moving to a competence based curriculum, Opening Minds co-ordinator, Theresa Ziten, stated that the desire to ease the students transition from their smaller primary schools to a large secondary was prevalent, allowing pupils to settle into the unfamiliar environment quickly and easily. The school also has a belief that the skills taught in Opening Minds are invaluable to their students, believing that they give students greater potential to study and learn throughout their school careers.