Leading and Managing Curriculum Change Leading and Managing Curriculum Change

Leading and Managing Curriculum Change for Senior Leaders

Curriculum matters. It determines what our young people do for most of the time they are with us in school. Schools and staff have more choices than we often feel; the national curriculum is not the whole curriculum and how we deliver it is our choice.  This new programme is designed to support senior leaders, deputy heads and assistant heads with a responsibility for overall curriculum design and timetabling, curriculum development in Key Stage 3, 4 or 5, assessment, teaching and learning, managing curriculum areas or teams.
+ What are the key opportunities?
+ four face to face training days over the course of the year
+ visit two inspirational schools and explore their approach to curriculum development
+ undertake development work in your school, in line with your school curriculum, teaching and assessment priorities with coaching support from Headteachers with a successful track record of curriculum innovation.
+ learn about strategies to leadership which balance immediate needs with longer term aspirations
+ access to a national network of schools who lead in curriculum innovation
+ form lasting links with like-minded colleagues
+ time to reflect and grapple with peers around curriculum challenges and opportunities
+ engage with the latest national and international educational research and policy development

Day 1
+ Exploring the Characteristics of a Whole Education Curriculum and the vision and aims of your school’s curriculum
+ Why an entitlement to a whole education curriculum is the only way to truly narrow the gap
+ Exploring 5 ways forward: Being values led; rethinking curriculum design; making the most of the teachers we've got; collaboration; being data and evidence informed.
Days 2 and 3 - school visits
+ Exploring how two schools have translated their vision into curriculum provision through discussion with SLT and learning walks
+ Rethinking curriculum design, assessment and planning at a school, subject and teacher level 
+ Being evidence and data informed
+ Responding to current external challenges and opportunities
Day 4
+ Developing effective within and between school collaboration
+ Developing professional capital
+ Reflections, Impact and Celebration

The facilitator
The programme will be facilitated by David Crossley, Executive Director of The Whole Education Network. David is a nationally recognised leader in school transformation, partnership and change. His proven, yet innovative ideas derive from his own Headships and his engagement with many other outstanding school leaders and his leadership of the Raising Acheivement andTransforming Learning (RATL), Leading Edge and other programmes. He is passionate about curriculum development and committed to ‘school-led system leadership’ and the ‘by schools for schools’ approach.
The programme is co-facilitated by two Whole Education Partner Headteachers who will share their own work, learning and achievements during visits to their schools in days 2 and 3 of the programme as well as providing coaching andmentoring support.

To book your place, please contact Sarah at sarah@wholeeducation.org 
Whole Education Schools - £600
Non Whole Education Schools - £1200



Day 1 - 20th October 2016 (London)
Day 2 - 1st March 2017 (Network School)
Day 3 - Whole Education Summer Conference
Day 4 - 10th October 2017 (London)


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