Broadening access to a cultural education

Broadening access to a cultural education for all students
The challenge
In a climate of curriculum change and focus on the EBacc, there is a real concern that access to a cultural education will diminish for young people: arts subjects are already seeing lower GCSE uptake (CLA, 2015). Cultural experiences are increasingly costly and are not always accessible to those students who could benefit from them the most.
The Project
In September 2016, we will be launching a new interest group titled ‘Broadening Access to a Cultural Education’, which already has school leaders committed to taking part. It will provide a platform for communication between interested members of our existing school network and cultural providers, in line with the strands below:
Addressing Inequality of Access
+Developing use of digital resources and Flipped Learning
+Broadening access for all, with a focus on Pupil Premium students
+Utilising local resources
Changing Perceptions
+Parents, students and the community
+Developing multicultural awareness

Key details:

Commitment required | Attend launch event and optional webinars