Digital Leaders

Student-led spreading of digital skills
The Challenge
The digital age is upon us and there is a skills disparity at present. There are students in every school who use digital devices more confidently and creatively than many of their teachers. How can we use their talents to support learning?
The Project
Whole Education are working with schools in our network, and partners UFA and Makewaves, to secure funding for a nationally accredited system where students learn from one another nationally and give back to their communities, while improving their digital literacy. Digital leaders:
+ Support their classmates, teachers and wider communities to use technology confidently and inventively
+ Give lectures, offer support in classrooms and run workshops on specific projects or apps
+ Gain confidence, problem solving and communication skills
Key information

Stage: Idea
Cost: tbc
Level: Primary and Secondary
Support/resources available: Training for students
Commitment required: 2 days of students and 1 teachers’ time for training; students attend student conference