KED-inspired schools project

Personalised learning at the heart of the curriculum
The Challenge
In many schools, curriculum is not meeting the needs of its learners. Even in good schools, leaders think the curriculum could better meet the needs of their learners. Curriculum change is very challenging to do as an individual school, however, and particularly within the constraints of the current education system. It is often not enough to look to schools in your local area, or even this country; we need a system that scours the globe for educational best practice to inspire and give confidence to schools to design their own curricula that empowers learners.
The Project
Secondary schools in the Whole Education Network have come together to design their own curricula which are child-centred and focused on ensuring all learners meet their full potential in life. Their inspiration comes from the Kunskapsskolan Education (KED) programme which was set up in Sweden over a decade ago and equips every young person with the tools and strategies they need to progress and be life-long learners. The project is providing opportunities for schools to collaborate globally as well as nationally and build a learning community amongst students as well as teachers.
Key information
Stage: Proposed
Level: Secondary
Support/resources available: Schools are pooling resources