Providing a holistic approach to wellbeing

Joined-up thinking on wellbeing to enable all students to flourish.
The challenge
Particularly for vulnerable and disadvantaged students, developing skills and knowledge around mental and physical health can be key to ensuring success at school and more widely in life. Schools have an essential role to play in empowering young people to support their own wellbeing, but few schools offer a robust and comprehensive approach.
The project
This pilot is currently being developed with expert schools and partners, and will focus on working with Year 7 teams to:
+ Support curriculum development, including explicitly wellbeing-focused lessons
+ Provide digital badges that recognise understanding of wellbeing and student progress increasing their knowledge of their own and others’ wellbeing
+ Explore the role of in-house mental health services and approaches to providing extra support for students with more serious needs
Key information
Stage: Proposed
Cost: N/A
Level: KS3
Support/Resources available: Free access to Makewaves online platform and digital badges; free access to VisionWorks for Schools’ ‘It’s Okay Being Me’ curriculum.
Commitment required: 2 sharing events between participating schools with input from expert schools and partners. Could be conducted in twilight sessions.