People powered schools

Mobilising community assets to provide 1:1 tuition that supports students’ progress.
The Challenge
The EEF-toolkit tells us that 1:1 tuition is effective in supporting student attainment, but very expensive. At the same time we have huge untapped resources in our communities: students, retirees, parents and others who could be trained to support students who need it most.
The Project
The idea behind People Powered Schools came from Nesta's successful scheme, ‘Helping in Hospitals’, where members of the community are used as volunteers in a climate of tight budget constraints.
As part of the development of the People Powered Schools project, our partners UFA (University of the First Age) have designed a toolkit for recruiting and training volunteers, alongside four Whole Education schools who have existing knowledge and good practice in engaging their communities.
In the proposed pilot from September 2016, ten schools will:
+Recruit and train 1:1 volunteers from the local community
+Run a 1:1 tuition programme in school for targeted students in KS2 and KS3
+Evaluate impact on student progress and volunteer development
Key information

Stage: Proposed
Commitment required: Volunteer coordinator, at least one day a week