Assessing and feeding back on student behaviours through a psychometric assessment
The Challenge
Personality and behavioural styles can have an impact on how our students learn and their academic success. The SBSQ (Student Behavioural Styles Questionnaire) has the potential for facilitating better understanding of students as individuals and tailoring opportunities to their needs, preparing them for life, learning and work.
The Project
The SBSQ assesses and provides a feedback framework based on the following five behavioural styles, which were found to positively contribute to learning engagement and effective participating at educational institutions: thinking styles; study styles; coping styles; interpersonal styles; social styles.
As part of the SBSQ pilot, schools will:
+ Administer an online questionnaire with behavioural themed statements
+Provide feedback to students within a framework
+Trial interventions based on the feedback
Key Information
Stage: Preparing for pilot
Cost: Free
Commitment required: 1 day training, follow-up webinars and a review day, and a 30 minute survey