Using IRIS Connect to support professional learning

Developing dialogue and formative feedback using IRIS Film Club
The challenge
At the heart of the self-improving school system is the need for teachers to be engaged in rigorous and impactful professional learning, however research shows that much professional learning often doesn't translate into sustained changes in practice in the classroom.

The project
Film Club is a national project developed by IRIS Connect and Whole Education following a successful EEF research pilot. Film club explores the use of video technology to develop dialogue and feedback amongst teachers in order to achieve a higher order of professional learning and improve academic outcomes for young people.
Film Club is an online platform where teachers watch and discuss the teaching and learning behaviours from pre-recorded clips, working their way through 4 modules. From the pilot project, over 95% of participants (80 out of 84) asserted that they had changed their practice as a consequence of using the platform.

Key information
Cost - free for Whole Education schools | 1 year commitment from at least 3 members of staff, completing 1 module each half term
Further information: EEF Report on IRIS Film Club