Whole School Numeracy

Support to sustainability develop numeracy across learning in your school.
The challenge
Many of our school leaders tell us that in their school whole school numeracy is lagging behind whole school literacy. Reasons include student and staff negative attitudes to maths, that in busy schools whole school numeracy tends to slip down the list of priorities and that, if not done well, efforts to develop whole school numeracy can be tokenistic and unsustainable.
The Project
Working in partnership with National Numeracy we designed a two year project that gives schools support to prioritise numeracy across learning through a meaningful and sustainable approach. This year has seen six schools receive direct support from an expert at National Numeracy and ten schools shadow this process with a view to receiving support in year two of the programme.
Key information
Stage: Pilot | End of year 1, of a 2 year project
Region: Year 1 | North East, East Midlands, South East.
Year 2 | North East, North West, West Midlands, South East, London

Level: Secondary
Resources/support: There are two levels of engagement. Direct support schools receive 3 visits to their school, 2 regional learning visits, workshops at national conferences, and support phone calls between visits. Shadowing schools are welcome to attend any of these visits and events, but will not receive support bespoke to their school.
Commitment required: 3 contact days in school, 2 twilights in region, optional national meet-ups and variable input of time in school.
Cost: Cost to receive direct support - £2500 (match-funded). Cost to be in a wider learning community - £500 (match-funded).