Youth social action project

Shift your school’s culture: towards one in which students are empowered and engaged to make a difference to their school community
The challenge
When young people participate in social action their community benefits, and so do they. There is good practice in many schools but nationally we lack mechanisms that ensure social action is truly youth-led, well-structured, impactful and shared across the system.
The project
Whole Education is supporting 15 schools in three different regions of the country to develop student leadership and social action in a sustainable way. We have partnered with Learn to Lead, who have over ten years developed a toolkit and training package that equip young people with the skills to work together effectively on projects they are passionate about and to make a change in their school, local, national or international community. There will also be the opportunity for additional network schools to get involved, so do get in touch if you are interested.
Stage: Pilot | We are at the start of Year 1 of a two year project
Regions: North East, Kent
Level: Primary and secondary
Resources/support available: Each participating school will receive: Training in Learn to Lead methodology for 1 staff member and 4 students, a Learn to Lead toolkit for each school, regional student conferences, a session to explore practices from Whole Education schools across the network, a school visit from the Learn to Lead or Whole Education team, support throughout your journey.
Commitment required: The two lead teachers will need to attend a full initial training day, accompany students to at least one regional or national event to share ideas with other students. The rest of their time commitment will fall within school time, in supporting students to start up ‘teams’ based upon the Learn to Lead approach to co-production.
Cost: £1000 (match-funded by Cabinet Office and Pears Foundation)