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Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) Pilot

A fantastic opportunity for network schools to gain support in using PASS, helping us to measure what we value and best support students to achieve.

Our core moral purpose is to enable every child or young person in our care to achieve their potential. Whilst It is important that we hold ourselves to account on quantitative outcomes of education, the attainment results exams deliver us each year, it is equally important, albeit more challenging, to know and understand the extent to which within a student’s school lifetime we prepare them as well for life and work. At a time when significant pressure is placed upon schools to meet accountability measures, it is all the more important that school ask themselves – are we measuring what we value and valuing what we can measure?

The PASS test is a trusted psychometric measurement, standardised against a highly representative national sample of more than 600,000 respondents. The 20 minute survey covers nine factors proven to be linked to key educational goals, including attitude to attendance, preparedness for learning and response to the curriculum. This appealed to us and our schools as attitudes are a great predictor of engagement and if a pupil is engaged and positive about themselves and their learning they are more likely to be successful.

Following a successful first year pilot, GL Assessment are offering use of PASS at a discounted rate to schools in the Whole Education network. Those schools will automatically be part of a 'lighter learning group' receiving a support package throughout the year to use PASS effectively. We also have lmited places on a 'deeper learning group' for a group of schools that wish to explore use of PASS in-depth with some additional free training and support. 

Network schools applying to be part of the pilot:

Please download the relevant pdf consent form/memorandum of understanding and either email it to heather@wholeeducation.org or post 

Secondary Consent Form / MOU

Primary Consent Form / MOU

PASS Pilot Booklet Section A